Bitcoin Mining Marketplace Nicehash Loses Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

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Cybercrime news: NiceHash, a Slovenian-based bitcoin miner, says that it has been the victim of the theft of tens of millions of dollars' worth of.

8 Dec 2017.

Bitcoin mining company says it was hacked, possible theft worth millions.

in Slovenia said it had been hacked for the possible theft of tens of millions of dollars.

That places the value of the entire crytocurrency market at more than $400.

Mt. Gox shut down in February 2014, saying it lost about 850,000.


Rockdale, once home to one of the largest aluminum processing operations in the country, is now the location of what could be one of the world’s biggest bitcoin computing mines. But nothing is.

7 Dec 2017.

A cryptocurrency marketplace called NiceHash has suffered a security breach that left its bitcoin wallet tens of millions of dollars lighter.