Bitcointalk Yiimp Installation

YiiMP updater for when things such as new algos are added to the stratum. NOMP single server. MPOS single server CryptoNote-Nodejs single.

8 Jun 2018.

Setting up [Yiimp open source or any other pool mining application] crytocurrency mining pool and install coin's wallet, including full configuration,

blocknotify – yiimp.

I'm trying to setup a pool on yiimp and having issue with blocknotify. Yiimp is in.

in server A ip: yiimp is installed

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15 Jan 2018.


How much anyone install in my VPS and configure yiimp pool for me?.

Official Yiimp (used in this script for Yiimp Installation):

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I've wrote a nice little installation script for yiimp. This is for a fresh server running Ubuntu 16.04 and setup with a user account and not root.