Dutch Authorities Look To Deem ‘bitcoin Mixers’ As Money Laundering


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The paid out of the mixer bitcoin Bitcoins can not be traced back to their original owners. the investigative arm of the Dutch tax authorities, want to have a mixer bitcoin recognized as money laundering. By recognizing these activities as money laundering, investigators are able to take action against suspects without having to show suspicion.

#DarkWeb - Bitcoin MixerDutch Authorities Look To Deem 'bitcoin Mixers' As Money Laundering How To Buy Bitcoin Cnbc News The cryptocurrency's global price obscures individual.

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The FIOD, the investigative arm of the Dutch tax authority, wishes to have the bitcoin mixers recognized as money laundering. By recognizing this activity as money laundering, investigators can take action against a suspect without having to demonstrate a reasonable suspicion of a crime.

22 May 2019.

Today, the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), in close cooperation with Europol and the authorities in Luxembourg,

down on one of the world's leading cryptocurrency mixing service Bestmixer.io.

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for mixing the cryptocurrencies bitcoins, bitcoin cash and litecoins.

20/01/2017  · Dutch public prosecutors and the tax inspection agency are ramping up their fight against bitcoin money laundering this year. According to research conducted by Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieel Dagblad (FD), at least three criminal cases pertaining to money laundering with bitcoin are scheduled for 2017. Additionally, the FIOD — the investigative arm of the Dutch tax authority — wants to lower the bar for prosecution of unlicensed bitcoin traders.

23 Feb 2020.

"The Bestmixer service was likely used to conceal and launder income. As part of this law enforcement action, digital and physical business.

29 May 2019.

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See Peter M. German, An Independent Review of Money Laundering in.