Tsa Saw Bitcoin In My Bag And Wanted To Count It. Funniest Thing I’ve

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20 Sep 2019.

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By some miracle of miracles the airline never once lost my bag.

I saw the best South East Asia had to offer during a recent.

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TSA "saw" Bitcoin in my bag and wanted to count it.17 Aug 2018.

Security expert Matt Mitchell warns enthusiasts might want to cover up when it.

he was approached again but this time away from the TSA proper, and just.

He continued, 'We saw Bitcoin in your bag and need to check.

A traveling companion then explained to the agent bitcoin is not a physical thing.

30 Oct 2013.

As soon as I saw her reach out to put her hand on her baby's casket, I walked away.

I've received literally thousands of comments and emails but my favorite.

I spent 40 in the army and did not want to leave at age 60 but they have a.

I also went to Afghanistan and saw things from the other side as well.

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